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Compare Credit Cards Here! Get The Best Credit Card Available Now!Click Here For Credit Cards! Get A Credit Card! Reward Credit Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards and Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit Here! Pay Your Credit Card Bills

Now if you do not trust yourself when it comes to sensible spending then maybe credit cards are not for you. Nothing makes spending more easy than having a credit card and putting off paying for the items you are buying. Having a credit card can be deceitful as it can make buying things you want seems within your reach when they really are not which will cause you huge issues when it comes to paying off your monthly balance.

Also be cautious of penalty risks. You may start with your card having low interest rates but all it takes is one late payment and certain card companies increase them to unmanageable levels for months. Finally on top of this there is the issue of credit scores. If you start making late payments and creating small credit score trouble I can affect your credit cards interest rate for the worse. The interest rates on credit cards are adjusted by the card companies and they base it on your credit score therefore if you make just one mistake then it can cause you some seriously unwanted grief.

It is your decisions to make whether or not you get a credit card. Don’t get one because everyone else has one, make sure you consider you’re spending habits and make sure you trust yourself to use the credit card wisely and otherwise you could come to seriously regret your decision!

Credit Cards Available for those with Poor Credit

One can always make poor decisions in the past, and one’s financial history is still important in the present as it affects credit history. This is a record of your past credit history and contains information on all bad debts, current debts and past financial history – IE if payments were made on time on mortgages, credit card bills an so on. If one has always paid on time and you have a number of previous financial commitments that have been adhered too, this should make it easy to get another loan or credit card.

If However you have a bad credit history, you can get refused a financial product. In this day and age, a payment card – ie credit, debit or prepaid card, is extremelt useful for shopping on the internet and abroad or just in the shops. If you have a poor credit history, you can still get a credit card – there are special poor credit cards for people with a bad credit history. You can see a comparison list of credit cards available.

Compare Credit Cards and Get The Best Credit Card For You! Do you need a credit card?

Credit cards seem to get a variety of reviews, some good, and some bad. A lot of people simply view credit cards as debt traps that can be a real weight on your shoulders. Making a purchase with a good credit card can be exhilarating and rewarding one moment and then regrettable the next. This is why when you apply for a credit card you should be cautious and ensure you trust yourself to be responsible with this potentially dangerous bit of plastic.

Do I trust myself with one is the question you should ask yourself. While credit cards cause problems for some, others enjoy the flexibility and ease of paying with one. When considering whether or not to get hold of a credit card just remember that there are two sides to every story so it is important to look at both the pros and cons of credit cards before making a rash decision.One huge attraction of a credit card is that they are very convenient; everyone wants to make life as simple as possible for themselves and convenience is a large part of simplicity. When purchasing something pricey at a shop or when you fill up your car with petrol it is so much easier to make purchases when you know there is not going to be an immediate chunk taken out of your account. Australia Credit Cards

Moreover credit cards provide a monetary safety net. In an emergency a credit card with a reasonable balance can be used to make purchases or pay bills that you would otherwise be out of your reach. Also if you have a credit card account open and you pay your balance off every month it can be a great way to start building credit history and increasing your credit score. This can be beneficial in the future as if you are good at making monthly payments then it can make it easier to qualify for low interest rates on a car mortgage.

Credit Cards Have Many Uses

Credit cards offer great protection. Most companies have methods for denying a charge if your card is charged improperly or if your purchase is not what you expected it to be. This is another great thing about credit cards as when you make a large purchase using one especially over the internet, the ability to report the problem and get some kind of refund, significantly lowers the risk involved in buying.

Credit cards can also be incredibly useful when going on holiday. For example when you rent a car the company you rent from will hold a much larger amount of your balance to make sure the money is available for potential problems. And if you do not have a credit card, these charges tie up cash in your debit card account instead of credit that will not be used, and this can be annoying when you need the money in your debit account for holiday spending.

Finally, a further advantage is instant gratification. As long as you ensure that you pay off your credit balance regularly a credit card can be a great way of getting something you want straight away when do don’t yet have the cash you need readily available in your pocket . You can make an immediate purchase and have the option of paying for them with your next pay check or slowly over a period of time which makes shopping more fun.

However as I said earlier there are two sides to every story and of course there are going to be some disadvantages of credit cards that it is important to be aware of. For example paying off your balance on time may sound simple but it is very easy and very common to lose track of purchases and start paying less of your bills as you are under financial pressure. Also credit card interest rates are substantially higher than interest for other types of loans, so even a small balance carried on the card can get out of hand quickly.

Furthermore be aware of credit cards minimum payment trap. The minimum pay trap is not there to help you pay of your balance as many people think. Actually, a person who pays only the minimum payment will see their balance steadily increase even if they never make another credit purchase.

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Guide to getting a Business credit card even if you are a small business or self-employed. Links to Business cards sites and compare credit cards.”


Business Credit Cards


Business Credit Cards and Travel Money Cards are just two of the areas on which we will focus.

What are they, what are their uses? These and more questions answered.


Business Credit Cards – the Premium Credit Card


Business Credit Cards are designed for the businessman or woman. Needing to make frequent trips at home and abroad, a full schedule and a constant need of cash to pay for client dinners or hotel bills – the business credit card steps in where it is needed most.


What are the Benefits?


The benefits of business credit cards are many. You can compare these according to card provider, and each one will have different perks. A classic one might be travel points earned on each transaction, redeemable against a range of large travel companies (American Airlines, Easyjet…). You might also get access to the Eurostar lounge, priority treatment, or Loyalty Points. Insurance on business credit cards is also beneficial – receive travel insurance for you and your family, car insurance and purchase protection.


What’s the Catch?


For starters, the criteria you will need to meet to have your application for a business credit card accepted will be rigorous: your minimum monthly income will need to be fairly high (this varies according to card provider) and your circumstances will need to support your card use.

There will also be an annual fee – again, this varies according to provider, but some can be fairly high at £300. This is worth comparing as some will have much lower fees. The APR rate on some business credit cards are hefty – 51.8% variable is a common rate.


As with all financial products, the best thing to do is to weigh up and compare the options. As a “business class” customer, you may be able to be choosy, but you will also want a card you can rely on in every situation.


It is essential to know the repayment terms of any loans and credit cards that you are thinking of getting before you decide which one you are going to go with. Shop around and get the best deals. Not only is this a good habit to get in that will serve you well throughout your life, it will ensure you have the knowledge and understanding to help you protect and build your credit rating.

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Credit Cards are gaining more and more importance. In many cases the credit card is the only possible way of paying: for instance booking hotels or flights online, renting a car or doing online shopping. Furthermore your debit card is likely not to be accepted on your holiday abroad.

Credit Cards, in contrast, are worldwide accepted!

There are some more advantages why a credit card is very useful. First, if your card gets stolen, the bank will freeze the account and you are only liable for the first fifty pounds. Of course, the main advantage of credit cards is the credit limit. It is very useful to have this, as you can make expensive purchases without taking out a loan. The money will be booked from your account on the end of the month, and you have this time to settle the debts. However, don’t forget that this credit limit can also be a debt trap. You shouldn’t overuse it as some companies charge high interest rates. Usually, credit card companies want their customers to be over 18 years old and with a good credit rating. However, everyone can apply for them as there are some special offers for people with a bad credit rating.

When you do your research for the perfect credit card, you will find some special offers. Why don’t you get a personalised credit card which gives you discounts for e.g car rentals, hotel stays or flights?
However, never forget to compare the fees and interest rates from each company.

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Credit cards are issued by credit card providers. When you are accepted for one you will be given a credit limit which is a form of borrowing. This limit, set by the provider, is the total amount you have available to spend with the card. Please note that this credit limit is subject to change at any time. Credit cards are an easy way of financing purchases and they can be used to buy goods in shops, over the phone or online. You can also withdraw money from cash machines, known as a ‘cash advance’. The main advantage of a credit card is that you can make purchases without necessarily having the money to do so because you can spread the cost over a period of time. With most card you will be given a choice of ways to manage your account, either by phone, at a branch or online. Online banking is a really useful tool because you can get up to date balances, view transactions online and make payments easily. Some cards also come with free email and text alerts which are reminders of your balance and when payments are due. This will help you budget and manage your money.

You can use your credit card at home or aboard with worldwide acceptance. They are a more convenient, not to mention safer alternative to carrying around large amounts of cash. Additional security also comes with the chip and pin device as well as the benefit of protection when you make purchases. Purchase protection covers good paid for with the card against loss, theft or accidental damage. To apply for a credit card your application will be based on a number of aspects. In general you have to be at least 18 years old but you should always check the eligibility criteria. The most important aspect that providers will look at is your credit history. Generally, the better your credit history, the more likely you are to be accepted for a credit card and the more credit you will be given. You will also find that if you have a poor financial past you will be given higher interest rates.

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Each month your card issuer will send you a statement detailing all the transactions you have made as well as the minimum amount you must pay and the date this must be paid by. You have to make sure you pay off at least the minimum amount on the card statement each month. If you do not pay off your balance each month, you will be charged interest on the amount remaining in your account. The rate of interest, indicated by the APR or Annual Percentage Rate can be very high. If you fail to meet the terms of the card and make the payments on time this will be added to the balance on your credit cards and you could be faced with having to pay interest on the late payment fee. To avoid this happening set up a direct debt that will always pay the minimum amount.

You should also watch out for hidden charges with credit cards. Some providers may charge you an application fee for issuing the card. Many cards also come with an annual fee which you have to pay simply for having the card. Lastly you may be charged for withdrawing money from cash machines so bear this in mind when comparing products. Every customer is different and will have specific requirements. As such there are many different types of credit cards available in the UK. Because all credit card providers will vary slightly, it is worth taking the time to find the one that best suits you. This will also alert you to some great introductory offers but make sure you are aware of what happens when this period ends. Comparing credit cards online is a really useful way of weighing up the main features and pros and cons of different cards.

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As well as standard credit cards that are a variety of credit cards that appeal to different circumstances. If you are at university while being a student is an exciting time unfortunately you will have to think about money. Being a student can be expensive, you will have to think about accommodation and travel costs, books and equipment, not to mention general day to day living expenses. Students will find it difficult to acquire a standard credit card but there are student credit cards which are designed especially for students and the way they live their lives. These cards come with certain features exclusively for students. Also whether you are just starting out or you are already an established business you might want to think about obtaining a business credit card. Regardless of the size of your business these cards are a great way to manage your corporate finances more effectively because you can stay in better control of your business expenditure and see all your monthly outgoings. Another type of credit card is a reward credit card. These cards work exactly the same as traditional credit cards but the providers offer incentives just for using them.

If you have a bad credit rating then you will struggle to get the card that you want. However, there are now bad rating credit cards which are especially designed for people with a damaged credit score.Not only do these cards give people who have been refused elsewhere the financial freedom that they want but these cards can also be used to help rebuild or establish your credit rating. However, this will only happen if you use the card correctly and bear in mind this can take some time. So long as you are responsible you will rebuild your credit rating which will result in better credit card conditions in the future.